The following paragraphs provide information about the foundation. We also provide a presentation (in German) about our mission and a report on progress achieved and future goals.

  1. Founding occasion
  2. Foundation recognition
  3. Foundation's purpose
  4. Statute
  5. Helping Hands

Founding occasion

Ruth Möser suffered cancer twice and, on the second occasion, the chemotherapy in 2005 brought on TTP (Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura). The autoimmune disease forced her to stay in hospital for almost a year. After she had struggled successfully to recover from this terrible illness, Ruth Möser died suddenly in 2008 from a sudden heart failure. Her partner Michael Schickert and her parents Brigitte and Hans-Joachim Möser used her inheritance to lay the foundation stone for the Ruth Möser - TTP-Foundation.

Foundation recognition

On 20th October 2008, the ADD supervisory and service directorate (the Foundation authority of Rhineland-Palatinate) gave their official recognition to the Ruth Möser - TTP-Foundation (the certificate can be read here in German). Please note also the official press release (in German).

Foundation's purpose

The aim of the Ruth Möser - TTP-Foundation is to advance research on TTP. TTP is a life-threatening autoimmune disease, which is often diagnosed too late or not even diagnosed at all. Apart from commonplace infections, the trigger for the disease may be the cytostatics which are commonly used in the therapy of many cancers. At the present time, TTP hardly plays any role in medical research. In addition, the foundation intends to remind us all of how cheerful and courageous Ruth Möser was in coping with her illness.


The Statute of the Foundation can be found here (in German).

Helping Hands

Special thanks go to our friends, who support us free of charge with their knowledge and time.

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